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Lucy McDowell is the Northeast US Regional Emergency Preparedness Coordinator (EPC), of Aglow International, covering the states of Pa., NJ., and NY. In this role, she is prepared to present an overall view of various emergencies, available resources and “Emergency Preparedness” recommendations for individuals, families and communities.

Click on this link to view the helpful Aglow EP check lists:

Lucy is available to speak at meetings, retreats, conferences and community gatherings. As an EPC, her missions are to get our Northeast US region “ready”, and to connect people that have hearts, skills and abilities to assist in emergency and disaster preparedness, responding on a local, area and regional level, through Aglow International.

Lucy McDowell

Lucy McDowell, Northeast US Regional Emergency Preparedness Coordinator (NE EPC)

Emergency Preparedness News

Serving Opportunities: Presently, Northeast US Region is in need of State Emergency Preparedness Representatives (SEPRs) for the states of PA, New York and New Jersey. If interested, contact Lucy to learn more about qualifications for SEPRs and to perhaps offer your services by phoning 724-349-5901, or by emailing: mcdowell.lucy@gmail.com

Upcoming Event:

With the recent school shootings in Florida and the Texas Sutherland Springs church shootings, many have questions about guns and personal safety.

Listen to the Feb. EP call guest speaker, Paul Scarborough, address issues about personal safety, decision to carry a gun or not, concealed carry, and etc…
His expertise includes:
NRA Training Counselor & Certified Firearms Instructor
NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Instructor
North Carolina Hunter Safety Education Instructor

To PLAYBACK the call: dial 1-641-715-3378
Enter ACCESS CODE 769971#  The reference number is 55

Emergency Prep Quarterly Training Call

I want to recommend and give you the opportunity to listen to two Aglow EP Training calls.  One with Speaker:  Kimball Croft, from Park County WY, Health Department.  He speaks about EMP, Electromagnetic Pulse

What it is, what it is not, from a public health viewpoint.
This was a very informative call with much information given.  Please take the time and listen.  The actual call was about 60 minutes.
For playback dial:  641-715-3378 access code 769971#  reference 49.

The second call (with background noise) is with former DHS employee, Phil Haney, author of See Something Say Something, has first hand knowledge of what our country is facing concerning terrorism, and desires to disclose that information for the protection of our nation. Mr. Haney is determined to speak the truth concerning this present crisis.To listen to the recording with Mr. Haney:

Dial (641)-715-3378   Enter Access Code 769971#
Reference number:  #47

“Let us be the consolation of Christ in the midst of chaos”


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