South Carolina Vision 2020

Divine Order/ Government/ Completion/ Wholeness

*Completion of breakthrough from captivity into Divine Order demonstrated in our land releasing New Wine & Overflow to build, complete in the Right Time

*Being strengthened and girded as His Remnant Bride with courage, virtue and passion participating with Father implementing His Fiery Heart in the earth as He continues to expose/uncover the plots of His enemies

*New Wine, New Vision & Purpose with FRESH, INNOVATIVE AND CREATIVE insight. With Hearts ignited with Holy Spirit Fire & Passion zealous for our Bridegroom Jesus we will see GREATER demonstration as we continue to transition from old wineskins/mindsets, peeling away layers of men’s traditions and religious forms of godliness without power.

*Sons and Daughters of SC of The Most High are AWAKE – fear of man no longer intimidating & silencing our voice

*SC continuing to arise in unity and One Voice participating with God of the Angel Armies to execute justice filled and overflowing in the purity of His Great LOVE.

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