From our SC Aglow President


Deborah Shirk, President

We are about hearing the Heart of Father, and releasing the radiance of His Son in step with Holy Spirit in demonstration of His Word.

The purpose of our SC

Aglow gatherings are:

  • To participate with our Abba Father to release Heavenly revelation and demonstration on Earth, and your true identity as He created and purposed You
  • To participate with His Consuming Fire to burn up hate, chaos, racial lies/division, captivity – all ” works ” of the enemy that distort and pervert the Good Heart of our Abba Father
  • To participate with Him to release the purity of His Fiery Love, His Covenant Truth healing spirit, soul and body
  • To ignite and become one with Holy Spirit Fire ” shut up in our bones” dwelling in our innermost being – the overflow pouring forth into our homes, communities, cities, state and beyond
  • To link arms with believers and church leaders in a voice of unity, peace and authority establishing His Kingdom on earth.

If this describes your fiery heart prayerfully consider participating with us to launch an Aglow Lighthouse in your area.

Deborah Shirk,
SC Aglow President