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Aglow has many ministries and programs that give opportunity for you to impact this world for God’s Kingdom. Get involved today!

Local Groups

Local GroupsSince 1967, trans-denominational local groups — we like to call them Kingdom Communities — have provided a safe place for women and men to encounter the love of God, make trustworthy friends, and grow in their faith.

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index_pic_prayerLed by the Holy Spirit, Aglow’s prayer network has become a heaven-to-earth lightning rod for strategic prayer targeted to significant global issues. Capital Prayer, launched by Prayer Director Nancy McDaniel, is one recent example.

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generations group
Generations Project is an emphasis of Aglow International to reach the next generations with the Gospel and help empower them as leaders in every field of society, in every stage of life.

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AIM studentBy enrolling in the Aglow Institute of Ministry,  (AIM), you become part of the nearly 3.5 million students who have chosen online schools as a means of furthering their education and development. Over the past 5 years, online enrollments have increased annually by 21.5%. It is the way of the future…and Aglow is there!

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transformation picOutreaches are all about God’s transformation of people, of communities, of nations. When Jesus said, “Go ye into all the world…” He was talking about us, the bearers of His image, taking news of His transforming power to people who did not yet know it. That’s transformation.

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israel-islam picGod has given mandates to Aglow International concerning Israel and Islam, the sons of Isaac and Ishmael. We realize God works in seasons. It is now a season where He has placed Israel and Islam on the world center stage. Kairos is a Greek word meaning a set time appointed by God. This is the Kairos time for the Jewish people and the Muslim people because it is time for harvest.

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