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To get started with your site:


The cost for an AglowNet site is only $100 for the set-up which will include the initial creation of the site and pages mentioned previously.  There will also be a $10 monthly fee.

Please mail the completed site planning worksheet along with your payment.

Mail payment and site planning to:
Aglow International
Attn: Rick Allen
PO Box 1749
Edmonds, WA 98020-1749

Payment and registration for your AglowNet website will be available soon in MyAglow.

Pages Included in Set Up

To help you get going with your AglowNet site the Headquarters office will start you out with the a Home page, a Home page banner and 8 additional pages including:

  • Team information page
  • Aglow Vision and Mission page
  • Aglow Mandates page
  • Aglow Core Values page
  • A Covenant Partnership page
  • A Contact Us page
  • And 2 other pages of your choice, such as a page with information about your Lighthouse or an important upcoming event.


The web address for all AglowNet sites will be as follows:

  • All URLS will start with
  • Lighthouses
  • Area Teams
  • Regions
  • Nations –


AglowNet sites use WordPress for the content management system, so it will be pretty easy for you to pick up your site and run with it after the initial pages have been created by the Headquarters office.

WordPress Resources

WordPress has a wonderful online support system if you need help at  There you will find forums and in depth how-to instructions. You can even find lessons at

Click here for the “How To” handout with instructions on how to do the basic tasks.

Let’s get started with YOUR AglowNet website!

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